“Alaina was our doula for the birth of my twins. She was the calm supportive presence when I needed it as well as the support to my anxious family waiting outside during times I needed privacy. She was my advocate when doctors were pushing interventions I did not want for my birth so I could focus on bringing my babies into the world rather than the hospital logistics going on around me. Outside of labor she was a phone call away for all my silly hormonal worries and questions from, ‘Is this gas or contractions?’ to clarifications on the overwhelming information received during my short OB appointments.
My pregnancy would have been filled with unnecessary anxiety without the continuous support of my doula before, during, and after my birth!” –Megan E.

“I can’t imagine our birth experience without a doula. Morgan was incredible – such a calm and supportive person to have in the room with us. She allowed me to focus with my husband and be comfortable the entire time. She knew what I wanted more than I did and what was great was I was so in the zone I felt like I had no words. With Morgan, I didn’t need them, she just knew what to do. My husband even mentioned it was like the 2 of them had an unspoken language about what to do. She was great at consulting me before it was go time and even after my water broke. Was very quick to the hospital. She was where I needed her to be and even taking care of things I had no idea of the entire experience. I sincerely hope she is able to be there for us with all future kiddos as well.”     –Mandy W.

“Alaina was my Doula and she was fantastic from the moment she arrived. I was having really hard contractions (pitocin was involved) and she jumped right in without me saying anything (I couldn’t talk) and started fanning me. No one else had been doing that and it felt heavenly and was just what I needed to help me through that part of labor. She is such a kind and loving soul and I’m so grateful she was our Doula at the birth of our first son. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She really is fantastic and is worth every penny.” –Kathleen H.

“They are passionate about their work and very nurturing souls. They also have a very calming nature about them which, as a doula, is definitely a must. If you are looking for someone to support, educate, or even just talk to during such a monumental time as you bring your little one into the world look no further-the doulas of Kind Roots are your answer!”      –Tiffany G.

“Alaina is such a wonderful spirit. Her love and compassion shines through in everything she does. She knows how to support her clients without any agenda. She can enhance anyones birth and any family who hires her will be glad they invested in such amazing care.”      –Colleen D.