Breathe Deeply: Kind Tip #3

We've all experienced what a good breath will do for our bodies and minds. But because breathing itself is an automatic function, we overlook it all too often and miss out on the incredible things breathing deeply can provide. Our muscles relax. Our blood pressure drops. We release endorphins. We think more clearly. We reset. … Continue reading Breathe Deeply: Kind Tip #3


Doulas: Your Personal Guide for Birth

This one's for us, the dads or dads-to-be. A metaphorical perspective on how a doula equipped me for one of the greatest and most challenging experiences of my life.

What NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

It's astounding to women how quickly pregnancy changes peoples' interactions with them. Suddenly, all the social boundaries we enjoy seem to be wiped away--personal space? Nope, you'll have people gravitating toward your baby bump like a planet to the sun, hand extended. Polite conversation? Oh, absolutely not. Anything can be fair game here, from how … Continue reading What NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

Finding Your Rhythm

Birth is a sexual experience. Maybe you've never heard it described as that, but it's true. The same hormones are involved, the same anatomical parts. In either situation, a certain environment and mindset is necessary to allow the people involved to feel safe and confident. There's a pretty funny video going around that highlights this, … Continue reading Finding Your Rhythm

Where is all the support?

The feeling of camaraderie is nearly palpable: In an instant, you have become part of a massive group of women spanning all of history. You have become an expectant mother. Along with all the advice, however, most of us are left wondering: "Where is all the support?"