Breathe Deeply: Kind Tip #3

We’ve all experienced what a good breath will do for our bodies and minds. But because breathing itself is an automatic function, we overlook it all too often and miss out on the incredible things breathing deeply can provide.

Our muscles relax.

Our blood pressure drops.

We release endorphins.

We think more clearly.

We reset.

Our breath is always with us, from the minute we’re born. Last week we offered a relax-and-reset tip for the big moments–hopefully few and far between. This is one we can utilize any time, anywhere. Because if your life is anything like mine, the beauty (and the chaos) is in the little moments.

With practice, taking a 4-second deep breath can become automatic, too. Try it while you’re pouring your coffee; washing your hair; snuggling your favorite person. You’ll begin to associate that breathing pause with calm and happiness, in addition to the physical responses.

Then try taking it one step farther and breathe deeply during times of stress.

Notice what it does for your mind and body.

The longer you practice, the more automatic it will become. We hope it serves you well!



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