Look at the Moon : Kind Tip #2

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had an “I wanna pull my hair out” moment.

Welcome. You’re a human too. Let’s be friends.

For our family, these happen a lot around bedtime. (I know, it’s crazy how much we have in common.) Nights can slowly turn from loving family time into¬†let’s just get through this and think later. Patience and all our daytime conscious effort gets put on the back burner. We’re freakin’ tired.

It’s really difficult to get out of that survival mode once you’re in it. But we all know how much better it feels to be able to make it through gracefully and lovingly. How?

What if we paid more attention during this time?

Having something to pull you back into the moment during times of stress is imperative. It can be anything–a stone in your pocket, a breathing practice, or even the moon.

The moon is mysterious. It’s magical. It connects us to one another in a sneaky, silent way.

I forget where I read it (I read a lot), but when I was pregnant I came across somewhere that if you’re ever at your wit’s end, or on your third night of no sleep, to take your baby outside and just look at the moon. Chances are, somewhere in the world is another mother (or father) doing exactly the same thing. If we have no idea what to do as parents, we can always do that simple action and feel an instant connection with endless generations of parents who have BEEN THERE.

That really resonated with me and has worked countless times since I’ve become a mother. The moon reminds us how small this moment is, and also gives us the strength to move forward in a meaningful way.

Next time you’re feeling lost, alone, frustrated or just uninspired, try looking up at the moon. Let us know what it stirs in you.


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