Make Time For Yourself: Kind Tip #1

Does anyone actually do this enough?

Whether it’s 10 minutes while you drink your coffee (hot), or a weekend away from all of civilization, “me time” is going to be your best bet for staying sane as a parent.

We love our babies and want to give them everything. They’re so cute and cool. It’s really no problem to skip a shower today–maybe you’d rather spend time re-organizing your newborn’s pajama drawer. While that’s an honorable way to make the most of your afternoon (and maybe it really¬†should be organized), you don’t need to worry about that stuff all the time.

Remember the spiel the flight attendant gives us before every flight?

We have to put on our own oxygen masks first.

Yes, it sounds melodramatic. But seriously. . Think of it as balm for the soul.

So put down that dirty dish and pick up your favorite book. Sneak off to the porch at naptime, sip your tea and breathe in that solitude. Grab the newest BHG, your nursling, and be the multitasking superstar you are in a way that makes you happy!

What is your favorite way to spend your own time? Let us know in the comments!


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