Kind Tips: Our new blog series

Good day, all.

Recently we’ve been thinking about wholehearted living–which to us, means practicing creating the life you want through conscious choices, thoughtful action and a compassionate soul.

We thought it’d be nice to start a blog series about this.

We’re calling it Kind Tips.

Every week you’ll find a new tip to help you live the life YOU want. There will be as many interpretations & manifestations of these ideas as there are people who find them.

That’s fantastic!

The goal is to inspire you to create (& maintain) your most beautiful, wholehearted life. Your version of this is unique to you–as it should be. You are a multi-faceted, wild being. We love that about you.

We invite you to share with us the ways you’re inspired by our Kind Tips. We are a community, after all. You never know who you’ll inspire on your journey.

To living in purpose and wholeheartedness,

Your Kind Roots Doulas


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