Where is all the support?

Birth is a complicated subject in our culture.  From the moment we make the big announcement, everyone is ready to offer advice–citing stories of different experiences from their own to their sister’s neighbor’s.  The feeling of camaraderie is nearly palpable:  In an instant, you have become part of a massive group of women spanning all of history.  You have become an expectant mother.

Along with all the advice, however, most of us are left wondering: “Where is all the support?”  Who is going to answer my phone call in the middle of the workday when I have a hundred questions on everything ranging from “Which bottles work best with breastfeeding” to “What the hell is up with the orange sugar stuff everyone keeps telling me I’ll have to drink”?  Who will encourage me that every choice I make regarding this birth and baby is the perfect one for us?  Who will be my unconditional cheerleader when I start doubting myself and my ability to birth the way I want?

Well, let me tell you who.

Your doula.

Your doula knows about all things Baby.  She knows about options you have surrounding your pregnancy, birth, and life with baby, and she has a nonjudgmental heart to support your wishes about all of them.

She will support you if you decide to do things by the book.  She will support you if you choose to throw the book out the window.  She will support you if you decide you’d like to smear ice cream on your face and dance the polka during labor.

Whatever you want, whatever you choose.  Your doula is where the support is.


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